As an independent power producer, we match our clients demand profile with the most efficient energy solutions: Solar, Wind, Waste-to-energy and Natural Gas.

Greenwood Energy finances 100% of these long-term solutions, while providing our clients with significant energy savings from day one of operation, with no up-front cash outlay.

We take care of every aspect of the project, from legal and technical permitting to the construction, operation and maintenance of the plant, so our clients can focus on their business.

Project Development
Engineering, Procurement and Construction
Operation & Maintenance
Asset Management

With a strong commitment to social purpose, Greenwood Energy is working to reimagine development with sustainable and scalable solar programs where communities and environmental conservation are at the heart of the project’s structure. The mission of this series of developments consists in achieving a higher degree of overall prosperity through responsible structuring of monetary, environmental, and social returns.
The TERRɅ INITIɅTIVE consists of a utility-scale solar project with a nominal capacity of 160 MW, which has been developed in association with the Arhuaco indigenous community of Colombia. This initiative entails the construction of six solar plants and three new indigenous towns, which will provide education, health, and livelihood to approximately 1,000 Arhuaco people. In turn, these solar plants will be transferred to the indigenous community after the 25th year, while during the first 25 years of operation each kilowatt-hour sold by the plants will grant the Arhuaco People an environmental fee that will help preserve more than 120,000 hectares of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, identified as the most irreplaceable nature reserve in the world.
ɅLMɅ MɅTER represents a sustainable educational partnership carried out together with the University of Panama, which includes a large-scale solar project with a nominal capacity of 40 MW, making the largest university in the country the first public university in Latin America to cover their entire energy demand through renewable sources. The solar plant, which will be transferred to the University after the 20th year of operation, will provide funds close to $30 million to support research and development programs, scholarships, internships, renewable energy courses, and the acquisition of laboratory equipment, among others.


Distributed Generation

also known as self-generation, entails installing power generation equipment on our client sites to ensure cost savings, reliability of supply and energy quality. Current technologies and regulation enable the increasing migration from large, old and inefficient centralized power plants to Distributed Generation.

Power markets with a high incidence of Hydro power generation create very disruptive pricing and supply volatility. In turn, Distributed Generation, provides:
Greenwood Energy started operations in Latin America in 2014. Today we have a very experienced team that has a deep understanding of regional regulations, as well as robust technical and financial knowledge.