Miami, United States of America | July 26, 2022

The University of Miami hosted the VI Concordia Americas Summit on July 13 and 14 in partnership with the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States [OAS]. The summit addressed several different issues that currently affect the American continent, as well as the views of various leaders of the public and private sectors related to sustainable development, innovation, and economic strengthening of the region, among others.

On the first day of the event, the panel “Advancing Environmental Sustainability and Clean Energy in the Western Hemisphere” was moderated by the Vice Chancellor for Innovation of the University of Miami, Norma Kenyon, and included participation from: the CEO of Greenwood Energy, Guido Patrignani, the Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of El Salvador, María Eugenia Brizuela; the Deputy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Panama, Ana Irene Delgado; and the Director of Operations of Rubicon, Renaud De Viel Castel.

During the panel, Guido Patrignani shared Greenwood Energy’s vision of sustainable development in Latin America, highlighting the opportunity the region offers for the use of a more comprehensive development strategy that allows for the preservation of the abundant biodiversity and the rich indigenous culture present in the region. Guido illustrated Greenwood Energy’s vision by sharing an overview of the TERRɅ INITIɅTIVE project, which the company is developing in Colombia with the Arhuaco indigenous community of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. “This project is the result of a thoughtful structuring in which not only the monetary return has been taken into account, but also the environmental and social return,” said Patrignani, “here the community has not been part of a checklist, but rather the entire project has been devised together with them”. To learn more about this 144-megawatt solar project with a one-of-a-kind social and environmental impact, visit

The full video of the panel “Advancing Environmental Sustainability and Clean Energy in the Western Hemisphere” is available at

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